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Look for Spa On The Spot's Vehicle Around WNY
The Spot Mobile gets lots of smiles with it's long eyelashes batting in the breeze. 
The Best of Both Worlds 
"My wife is looking forward to Spa On The Spot pampering her at our ski chalet while I'm out on the slopes."
Serving All Generations 

"Spa On The Spot entertained my guests from out of town in my
home while I had to step away for the afternoon. Thank you, June. Everyone had a wonderful spa experience." 
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" I've traveled to You're So Vain Spa for many years as I love the great services offered but now Spa On The Spot comes to me and my friends right in the comfort of my home."
Thank you David, Mallory and Ellie for decorating the Spot Mobile
Stay in where it's warm and enjoy your spa services
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